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Active sense Oct/07/2008
This is a group dedicated to one of the HOTTEST video game girls EVER... Claire Redfield!!!
So, if u wanna know ALL about this AWESOME woman, you need to Join us and participate in events! Be sure to comment a lot! Follow the rules. Maturity is all we ask for... and, of course, an undying love for Claire Redfield.

DO NOT forget to join to the Oficial Alyson Court Fan Group!

Like Stamps? Like Claire? then this group is for you! Join to the Biggest Claire Redfield Stamps collection


Si hablas español, y amas a Claire Redfield, ¡No dudes en visitar la comunidad Claire Lovers en Español!

If you hate Angela Miller for stealing Claire's starring in Degeneration, Join to the A.A.O.


We merely ask that you don't bring any drama onto the group page. Any child abuse such as sexual exploitations, Vesicle,verbal abuse and or sexual remarks will not be tolerated. Any Offensive slurs will not be permitted such as racism, orientation, Genders, etc will also be frowned upon. Thank you.

Despite the fact that we have control over what is submitted and what is not, please DO NOT attempt to send anything that is completely against :devart: Rules of Conduct

While this club is supposed to revolve solely around Claire, we know that sometimes other elements get thrown in the mix. Please make sure the main focus is on Claire, or she is at least sharing it.

We accept anything as long as it has Claire... and, of course, is in within the guidelines of DA.

DO NOT criticize any work. We all love Claire, and each one makes its best to show that love.

||Project Umbrella||Claire's Channel||BikeAngel||Claire Info|


:iconcheerplz:----.:¡¡¡*VIVA CLAIRE REDFIELD*!!!:.----:iconcheerplz:








If you would like to Affiliate with us please click the [Affiliate] button at the top of this page to be reviewed. We accept pretty much anything but Anti-Claire groups.

Hey there its Ash! If your new I am a pretty well respected around our CL Community. Its been a good while since I have posted here for everyone. If we have yet to meet and your only a year or two old to ClaireLovers I would love a "Hi" and "My name is" Intro from each of you. I am into meeting fellow Claire lovers.

Aside from that I recently started to stumble across some saddening news concerning Claire Cosplayers at eachothers throats due to fandom pinning them against one another.

Such comments like

" Another thing, name, this girl is age years old (OMG so old messing up with younger girls). Go to her twitter and you’ll see a lot of bullshit against a lot of cosplayers of Claire cause she has too much issues with herself cause she wants to be the only Claire in the whole world (is too damn funny XD)"


"Some cosplayers have badly cropped Claire pics with boring backgrounds and poses The most stupid and yet They are super popular"


"This person is the actual Claire Redfield and that's all you bunch of jealous psychos"

I do not care who started this but it has to stop. Exposing such drama doesn't make you the better person and this is just ugly behavior. If you have a problem with eachother lets please be more mature than high school locker room drama and address this issue as adults. Even if your not an adult (18 or younger for USA).

This kind of Gossip will do the following damage.
  1. :bulletred:Associates Claire fans with a nasty reputation.(Much like the console war)
  2. :bulletred:Makes future Claire cosplayers self conscious and maybe turn them away from it completely.
  3. :bulletred:People will Associate Claire with this ugly fan base.
  4. :bulletred:Ruin our intentions.

Let us be reminded that we cosplay Claire not to "be" Claire but to support her. Claire is Claire. There will never be a "real" Claire. Even Allyson herself just plays her voice. Thats the beauty of loving this fictional character. She can not disappoint or fail to please us.
We have some awesome Claire Lovers out there. Fat/thin /Black/white/Asian/short/tall/pot a dots....You can be a beautiful Claire. Cosplay her without judgment. Try on that awesome vest and become her for the day but remember Claire is Claire.

So let Claire Lovers be the first to Apologize to the community. We are sorry for this fire, if we had put any twigs into this flame, we are sincerely regretful.

If you agree with me please copy and paste this to your Tumblr and DA journals and show support for our move to START THE LOVE.
Because I strongly believe we can stop this before it starts.

So yeah, why not sharing all our love for Claire?
Here is the new Claire Lovers Tumblr!!

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:claire-redfieldlovers.tumblr.c… :bulletred::bulletred:

If you have Tumblr (or not) follow us!!

Do not forget we have a contest, we want to be as active as we were!!
We still have no entries, dont worry, take your time! I know there are better things than this :meow:

Also thanks for all those who join and submit your awesome works, everything for our beloved Claire! :love:

So! About the contest:

The contest remains as it was: When we have at least 3 entries (no matter the time) i'll give one more week, if we have no more entries that week, I'll anounce the winners.


So! Contest's main theme is, the love :heart:

This is it:

:bulletred:Your work entry must be on the Contest Folder -->…
:bulletred:It MUST include Claire Redfield
:bulletred:You have to do our beloved Claire, sharing her love for someone of the Survival Horror franchise! What if she meets Dante? or  Frank West? Or Regina from Dino Crisis! (I'll LOVE to see a Claire x Regina partnership XD)
:bulletred:You have to be original!!! Show Claire saying she likes someone in the most original way, its up to you!

Till' we have 3 (at least) or more entries

(Time doesn't matter anymore)

The first place gets a Claire Walpaper of choice
The second a Claire Banner
The third an animated Stamp.

Do you like it? What will you change?
Go on Claire Lovers!!


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Contest Folder
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